ContentArmor™ anti-piracy solutions draw on our expertise in both entertainment services and security technologies to deliver best-in-class content protection. Our objective is to equip our customers with the technical means to protect their assets. We help content owners to pinpoint the source of a leak, especially during the lead-up to first release. We help post-production houses to thwart piracy and leakage to protect their reputation and liability. We help content distributors to mitigate illegal redistribution of their streams and thereby maximize the value of their assets. We help video-on-demand service providers to raise the bar against pirates and thereby empower them to negotiate moving forward the release window for premium content.


Originally conceived within Technicolor for its post production services to Hollywood studios, ContentArmor watermarking solution development started in 2009, got deployed internally in 2012 and hit market in 2013. In 2016, the five founders have negotiated a “Management Buy Out” and launched ContentArmor SAS in March 2016.

Why ContentArmor ?

Based upon the latest watermarking scientific researches and protected by 20+ patents, our solution is approved by major studios for postproduction and distribution to end users (broadcast TV and OTT). Its unique two steps approach enables simultaneously a secure and renewable, back-end based security and a light integration of the watermark embedder along the distribution chain.

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